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The Indie Dance/Electronica room is the most advanced I’ve been in, so far. By advanced, I mean its users are discovering what can be done with tt.fm and scripts/extensions seemingly faster than anyone else. Instead of trying to describe what the experience is like, being in a tt.fm room that is managed by a bot, I suggest reading up on all the cool automations a little js and jquery can add to the turntable experience, and then jump right in and listen to some of the best music being played on turntable.fm.


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This clever bookmarklet is an easy way to check out stats on DJs and songs, as well as getting a live peak at what is going on in all rooms (without leaving the room you’re in).

For an article describing the functionality, seeĀ How To Track DJs, Songs, Rooms in Turntable.fm (via evolver.fm).

Direct link to the bookmarklet: http://ttdashboard.com/bookmarklet/

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