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After a few hours of playing around with the Turntable Themes extension, I’m starting to see its potential. There are limits to what can be themed/skinned (bg, colors), but those elements are enough to make a significant difference in how a room looks. And, while the extension needs to be installed locally, the files that change how the room looks are centrally stored.

To coin an old man’s phrase, if you want to “jazz up” your view of tt, this extension does the trick well. Here is an example of the Space theme.

To use this extension, download/install from the Chrome store, then go to your Manage Extensions screen. Click the “options” link for Turntable Themes, select your color/theme then click “Save Options” and (re)load tt.fm.


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There was a conflict between Turntable Extended and the new updates for Turntable.fm. A new version of TT Extended is up now, though.

Straight from the creator, “tt extended users, the fixed version is here! Version is what you want. Thanks @Mark_Reeder!

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Another quite cool extension for Chrome. Custom themes that run locally and provide kewl backgrounds and custom color schemes. Haven’t tried it, yet, but am anxious to do so tonight.

Link [via Chrome Store]: Turntable Themes

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For Turntable.fm AND Spotify users, this Chrome extension will auto-generate a Spotify playlist from the current tt.fm room’s recently played songs. Sounds like a great idea if you also use Spotify.

Link [via Chrome Store]: Gimmie My Playlist!

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A new Chrome extension that has slick looking notifications (including, define-your-own notification terms, it appears), wider chat window, carry-along chat…

From screenshots, it looks amazing, and full of features that will make using tt.fm at work far easier (not that it wasn’t easy already). I just found out about it, so haven’t installed/tested it myself, though. Will check it out this weekend.

Link: Turntable Plus

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This is a great new extension that looks through the songs of the room you are currently in and gives suggestions of songs that will fit that room, as well as providing a list of similar rooms based on what is being played in each.


Link: TurnTaste (Chrome Web Store)

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I have no idea what Grooveshark is, but there is a Chrome extension that connects it with turntable.fm. As the description says:

“There is currently no Grooveshark-included search for the currently playing song when listening to a song on turntable.fm. When inside of a turntable.fm room, you can click the browser button and it will bring you to a Grooveshark search page for the title/artist of the song. No need to get the song/artist name manually and search yourself.”

Link: Turntable.fm Grooveshark Search extension

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