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The Indie Dance/Electronica room is the most advanced I’ve been in, so far. By advanced, I mean its users are discovering what can be done with tt.fm and scripts/extensions seemingly faster than anyone else. Instead of trying to describe what the experience is like, being in a tt.fm room that is managed by a bot, I suggest reading up on all the cool automations a little js and jquery can add to the turntable experience, and then jump right in and listen to some of the best music being played on turntable.fm.


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In addition to the new UI, new features (that I’ve come across include):

  • Favorites – Click the star in the upper left corner when in a room you wish to favorite/bookmark. To access favorites from lobby, click the Favorites link near the top of the screen.
  • DJs Needed – Click this link in the lobby to see a list of rooms with open turntables.
  • Sorting and Filtering – For All Rooms and DJs Needed lists, there are now options for sorting and filtering the list of rooms
Anything else new this week?

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The official written announcement of the iPhone app, updates on usage, and more. Available from the official Turntable.fm blog.

Link [via Turntable.fm Blog]: Some Exciting News

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In case you wanted to know what happens to your uploaded songs, I just learned this from @bluermlou and @turntablefm:

Q: If you upload a song, then later remove it from your queue, what happens?

A: The song remains on tt.fm’s servers, but it is inaccessible (I assume this means via search).

I have noticed that if you add a song to your queue, even if the song was uploaded by someone else, the song is still ‘playable’. In fact, I’m guessing the original uploader can delete the song from their queue, hear another person play it and add it back to their queue that way.

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A great idea has been implemented! Now, a room moderator can mouseover another participant in the room and select “Make a Moderator”, creating a new moderator (so, n-number of room mods are available now? need to figure out if there is a maximum). Similarly, a mod can mouseover an existing moderator and select “Remove Moderator” to take away mod privileges.

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I don’t have the exact details, but from piecing together what I’ve learned from a few reputable folks/superusers:

  • After each boot from a room, users will now be banned from re-joining the room for a period of time
    • First boot: no ban
    • Second boot: 5 minute ban
    • Third boot: 1 hour ban
    • Fourth boot: 1 day ban
  • Additionally, if you are booted from multiple rooms, you are banned for 1 day
  • If you receive multiple 1 day bans, you can be flagged for review, with a possible perma-ban from the site as a result of human review of your activities
Thanks to Mies van der Robot and DenkiGroove for the details!

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Now, Mods have the ability to remove someone from the decks without booting them from the room completely. The text that is shown when a mod performs this action is:

“[User’s Name] was kindly escorted off the stage by [Mod’s Name].”

A gentle way of getting someone who is AFK off the dais.

(Thanks, Mies, for showing us this)

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