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Actual research, actual interviews, actual thought and analysis! Instead of writing about the basics functionality of Turntable.fm (plenty of that already available on the web), Matthew’s article focuses on the people who use tt.fm, some of the processes that have been spawned as the service has grown, and the real, human challenges and opportunities that have been uncovered. Yeah, everyone knows there are ‘glitches’ from time to time, but how many people have thought about fans of less popular music genres and how they can find use in turntable.fm?

“Every day the classical community on TT.fm found its way to a completely different classical room, and usually one that was not created by any of the regulars,” he explained. “As a result, we often had idle moderators and very little in the way of control over abusive users. Also, some in the community reacted very negatively to different eras of classical music, and I thought that unfair.”

Thus was born Any Kind. The room is managed by a small circle of dedicated classical music lovers with fantastic taste. They include Flutist15 (a freshman flute performance major and Russian music fan), JohnTavener (a doctoral composition student with a passion for modern sounds), Nepomuk (early music and Baroque lover), and BubbleBobble (“our resident sunny-disposition member,” as Ryan describes him, “who also always has great piano music to offer”).

Link (via ars technica, August 13, 2011): Inside Turntable.fm: saving music radio from itself


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This article refers to recent Google and AppData numbers to point out Turntable.fm’s recent reduction in daily use. It’s understandable as the overwhelming majority of potential users (the Rest of the World) are still unable to use the site, and the service is still in a beta phase, limiting use to people with Facebook accounts. Increasing stability, making the system scalable, and starting a marketing campaign will kick off a massive increase in daily average users.

Another possible cause for concern: one of the sources for those higher figures, AppData, claims that Turntable.fm’s users have actually been declining since mid-July, while the Google Trends analytics service reveals searches for Turntable.fm by US internet users have halved since late June.

Link (via Music Ally, August 15, 2011): comScore suggests Turntable.fm attracted 207k unique users in July

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To see who it is, follow the link to Betabeat, below. Although, any heavy turntable.fm user will probably be able to guess who it is.

I love the idea of verified artists, as it provides Twitter-like verification of a person who is likely to draw in large crowds/#s of followers. Another clever feature of the verified artist designation is the custom avatar. This first one is quite distinct from other tt.fm avatars and provides a great precedent for future verified artists.

Link (via Betabeat, August 10, 2011): Turntable.fm’s First Verified Artist

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Nothing solid, but this seemed like it was always going to be coming…

“LAME. The evil music labels are considering a lawsuit against Turntable.fm, according to a high-level source on the West Coast, but haven’t decided how to proceed. Meanwhile, Turntable lookalike Rolling.fm is knee deep in lawyers trying to figure out how to keep the service up outside the U.S.”

Link (via Betabeat, August 5, 2011): Rumors & Acquisitions: Aol and the Labs, Turntable and the Labels, and Aviary’s CEO Needs Your A/S/L

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The title says it all.

“We’ve been told that Lady Gaga and Kanye West are investing in Turntable.fm.

They’re contributing to the $7.5 million Turntable financing round we announced weeks ago.”

Link (via Business Insider, August 2, 2011): Lady Gaga And Kanye West Investing In Turntable.fm

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An update on turntable.fm funding. What was once conjecture is now confirmed – Union Square Ventures invested $7.5 million last month. For reference, other USV investments include:

Link (via BetaBeat, August 2, 2011): Turntable.fm Picks Union Square Ventures as Investor Over Kleiner and Accel






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If you’re interested in learning about the responsibilities and permissions a turntable.fm superuser has, this interview is a perfect read. There are several interesting observations from Olga’s answers, but this one caught my eye above all others:

J: Wow, so turntable has definitely expanded your musical reach, I guess you could say.

O: Yes, it has, and as far as actual consumption of music, immediately after getting on, I’d say that my active listening for music has gone up six or seven hundred percent, and I’m suddenly buying albums. I’ve bought more albums since using turntable than I have in the last two or three years.

Link (via Geek.com, August 2, 2011): Interview: turntable.fm super user Olga Nunes talks about her time DJing

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