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Thanks to Clark Murray for sending this in…

Here is an example of how social media sites, alone or in combination, can enhance one’s life. A very pleasant reminder of how networks aren’t made to connect computers, they’re made to connect people.

Jason was in a genre-specific room on turntable.fm, tweeted about it, and was contacted by someone at the BBC. As he puts it…

This is the power of social media. I know lots of people who think of Twitter and Facebook as burdens, as being somehow “fake”, or as just plain stupid. But if you use these tools merely to enhance what you already do, in a way that is real and genuine, you can make connections that you never dreamed you’d be able to make. All I was doing was having fun, spinning records with my friends and checking out a new and interesting site. And it took me literally 10 seconds to tweet about it. In so doing, I got the attention of the BBC.

Link (via One Working Musician, July 12, 2011): You Never Know Who’s Listening (Or, How I Got Interviewed by the BBC)


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