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Help Wanted

That’s right, I’m putting up the Help Wanted sign. Anyone out there with a free 15 mins a day who can help maintain the turntable.fm fans blog? It helps if you have familiarity with WordPress. Let me know in the comments or send me a Tweet at @turntableFmFans


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A good summary of tt.fm and its current status appears in the new WSJ blog post, “Worth It? Turntable.fm Lets You Be an Online DJ

The most important piece of information (from my perspective) is contained in this paragraph:

“As of right now Turntable.fm isn’t available to international users. The company declined to be interviewed for this review, stating that they’re focused on “growing pains” and not on press right now, and didn’t offer a timeline for when it might be available for people outside the U.S.”

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