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Turntable.fm’s Twitter account has sent this message in the last hour:

“If you are on Chrome and you’ve been having trouble with your chat; we are working on it! In the mean time, try a different browser!”

AnythingLawle$$ has this as a fix (not sure if it’s related to Chrome chat issue – I haven’t been on tt.fm all day):


On 8-28-11 a change was made to turntable.fm, so your Chrome turntable.fm extended extension needs to be updated. Unfortunately, you can’t just choose to update.

To rectify the situation, follow these simple steps:

1. With the turntable window open, left-click on the Wrench Icon, located to the right of the web address text box. On the menu that opens, click “Tools”, then “Extensions.”

2. Choose the option to Uninstall turntable extended.

3. Go to the following link:


And choose the option to Add and install again.

4. Reload your turntable window.

5. Spin like a bad-mama-jama.


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I have no idea what Grooveshark is, but there is a Chrome extension that connects it with turntable.fm. As the description says:

“There is currently no Grooveshark-included search for the currently playing song when listening to a song on turntable.fm. When inside of a turntable.fm room, you can click the browser button and it will bring you to a Grooveshark search page for the title/artist of the song. No need to get the song/artist name manually and search yourself.”

Link: Turntable.fm Grooveshark Search extension

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The .5 version of Turntable.fm Extended is available, starting today, from the Chrome Web Store. It increases the functionality of the best Turntable.fm extension out there, allowing users to tag songs in their queue, and even filter the queue based on tags.

Turntable.fm Extended - Tags

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The second of two Chrome extensions I use for Turntable.fm. Playlist Manager allows the user to create multiple playlists which are populated (via drag n drop) from the user’s queue. The playlists are not treated as separate queues, but they are handy in separating songs (useful if you jump from room to room) into different lists. And, it’s quite easy to open a playlist and add some/all to the top of your queue.

Playlists get stored on your local machine so you can’t access them if you jump from computer to computer. That, and a few users encountering bugs earlier (I haven’t had any problems or heard of any in the past week) are the only ‘negatives’ against this brilliant extension.

Link: Turntable.fm Playlist Manager

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My favorite Chrome extension, and a vital addition when using turntable.fm.

Turntable.fm  Extended provides Chrome messages (appearing regardless of what window/tab you are viewing in Chrome) that can be configured to show:

  • Chat message
  • Song changes (showing album art, if available)
  • Voting
  • DJ changes
  • Listener changes
It also provides Last.fm scrobbling.
If you use this extension and want to see more features added to it, feel free to throw a few dollars to the author, here:

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