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Two important points from this article:

“Since Spotify launched in the U.S. a couple weeks ago, people have been flooding Twitter with invite links. Take those out, and it’s share of remaining tweets is only 2 percent. Turntable comes out on top with 52 percent of the tweets, followed by Pandora with 46 percent.”

“Finally, Turntable users have an average Klout score of 34, compared to 32 for Pandora users and 29 for Spotify, suggesting that its users are more influential on Twitter, at least according to Klout.”

Link (via TechCrunch July 29, 2011): In The Battle Of The Music Tweets, Turntable.fm Has More Klout Than Spotify Or Pandora


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This looks pretty damn cool. An online and real-world DJ battle/party between folks in NYC and Seattle. It’s like UTFO vs. Roxanne Shante all over again! Well, maybe not.

“Seattle DJ ‘s will do battle against NYC DJ ‘s for turntable.fm supremacy, with an accompanying Dance Party physically and virtually both in Seattle and NYC. The fun begins at 8pm and will go to 1am the next morning in their own respective timezones. They will time shift the battle, so NYC will start at 9PM EDT and go ahead and Seattle will begin at 9PM PDT. After the event the winners will be posted on the Turntable Battle leader board.”

Link to Turntable Battle site.

Link (via Business Insider, July 26, 2011): Seattle vs NYC DJ Battle And Dance Party on Turntable.fm This Thursday Night 9pm

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Mashable interviews ten of the “top” Turntable.fm DJs. I’m guessing their selection is based on user’s with the most tt.fm followers.

Interviewees include:

  • DJ Wooooo
  • Chris (bonus points for Whodini mention!)
  • Alex Mizell
  • Masque
  • Vuther
  • SoSimpull
  • Neil Gaiman

Link (via Mashable, July 24, 2011): Meet Some of Turntable.fm’s Top DJs

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Another large licensing agreement. From the BMI press release:

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement that guarantees the more than 475,000 songwriters, composers and copyright owners BMI represents receive fair compensation for their creative efforts,” said Conlon “This agreement is yet another step in our long tradition of breaking new ground in licensing music for digital distribution.”

Link (via BetaBeat, July 21, 2011): Turntable.fm Nabs Rights to Another 6.5 Million Songs From BMI

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Follow Up: BetaBeat provides more information on the deal – Turntable.fm Wins Over the Olds, Signs Crucial ASCAP Licensing Deal

Very interesting is this:

“We hear Sony Music has been courting Turntable.fm very hard. Record executives have seen the writing on the wall. Music is social, it’s digital and it’s always on, no matter what device you’re using.”



I’m not knowledgable on the world of music publishing, but this sounds like it’s good for songwriters, especially as turntable.fm grows its user base.

“With the explosion of online and mobile music, the ASCAP blanket license provides an easy and efficient means for new music services to respect copyrights and compensate the songwriters and composers whose music draws their customers.”

Link (via THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS, AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS, July 20, 2011): Hot New Music Site Turntable.fm Is Licensed by ASCAP

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Thanks to Clark Murray for sending this in…

Here is an example of how social media sites, alone or in combination, can enhance one’s life. A very pleasant reminder of how networks aren’t made to connect computers, they’re made to connect people.

Jason was in a genre-specific room on turntable.fm, tweeted about it, and was contacted by someone at the BBC. As he puts it…

This is the power of social media. I know lots of people who think of Twitter and Facebook as burdens, as being somehow “fake”, or as just plain stupid. But if you use these tools merely to enhance what you already do, in a way that is real and genuine, you can make connections that you never dreamed you’d be able to make. All I was doing was having fun, spinning records with my friends and checking out a new and interesting site. And it took me literally 10 seconds to tweet about it. In so doing, I got the attention of the BBC.

Link (via One Working Musician, July 12, 2011): You Never Know Who’s Listening (Or, How I Got Interviewed by the BBC)

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The first (that I’ve seen) analysis of turntable.fm usage based off the brilliant Turntable Dashboard.

“The list of the most-played songs reads like a who’s who of what’s new and hip in music right now—names like Ellie Goulding, Foster the People, and both Sleigh and Broken Bells. Going to the highest-rated songs of the last 24 hours, and it’s no different—Pitchfork favorites like Gold Panda, Local Natives and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs all rate the highest.”

Link (via Popdust, July 13, 2011): How to Become a Popular Turntable.fm DJ

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