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From the turntable.fm official blog, “ediT and Boreta of Glitch Mob” have personalized avatars now.


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To see who it is, follow the link to Betabeat, below. Although, any heavy turntable.fm user will probably be able to guess who it is.

I love the idea of verified artists, as it provides Twitter-like verification of a person who is likely to draw in large crowds/#s of followers. Another clever feature of the verified artist designation is the custom avatar. This first one is quite distinct from other tt.fm avatars and provides a great precedent for future verified artists.

Link (via Betabeat, August 10, 2011): Turntable.fm’s First Verified Artist

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Looking to meet up with other turntable.fm fans/users? Meetup groups have started for folks in NYC, LA, and several other cities, to chat and plan meetups and DJ parties. Via the turntablebattle.com folks. To find a meetup group for your city, check out “Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Austin, LA and SF turntable.fm Meetup Groups Now Open!

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If you’re interested in learning about the responsibilities and permissions a turntable.fm superuser has, this interview is a perfect read. There are several interesting observations from Olga’s answers, but this one caught my eye above all others:

J: Wow, so turntable has definitely expanded your musical reach, I guess you could say.

O: Yes, it has, and as far as actual consumption of music, immediately after getting on, I’d say that my active listening for music has gone up six or seven hundred percent, and I’m suddenly buying albums. I’ve bought more albums since using turntable than I have in the last two or three years.

Link (via Geek.com, August 2, 2011): Interview: turntable.fm super user Olga Nunes talks about her time DJing

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This looks pretty damn cool. An online and real-world DJ battle/party between folks in NYC and Seattle. It’s like UTFO vs. Roxanne Shante all over again! Well, maybe not.

“Seattle DJ ‘s will do battle against NYC DJ ‘s for turntable.fm supremacy, with an accompanying Dance Party physically and virtually both in Seattle and NYC. The fun begins at 8pm and will go to 1am the next morning in their own respective timezones. They will time shift the battle, so NYC will start at 9PM EDT and go ahead and Seattle will begin at 9PM PDT. After the event the winners will be posted on the Turntable Battle leader board.”

Link to Turntable Battle site.

Link (via Business Insider, July 26, 2011): Seattle vs NYC DJ Battle And Dance Party on Turntable.fm This Thursday Night 9pm

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Mashable interviews ten of the “top” Turntable.fm DJs. I’m guessing their selection is based on user’s with the most tt.fm followers.

Interviewees include:

  • DJ Wooooo
  • Chris (bonus points for Whodini mention!)
  • Alex Mizell
  • Masque
  • Vuther
  • SoSimpull
  • Neil Gaiman

Link (via Mashable, July 24, 2011): Meet Some of Turntable.fm’s Top DJs

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