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For Turntable.fm AND Spotify users, this Chrome extension will auto-generate a Spotify playlist from the current tt.fm room’s recently played songs. Sounds like a great idea if you also use Spotify.

Link [via Chrome Store]: Gimmie My Playlist!


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Rachelle (she of the excellent Turntable Community site) has this update on some of today’s problems when running tt.fm on Chrome, with TT extensions enabled.

Due to recent code updates, many extensions are no longer working. TTExtended, while functional, causes the user to be unable to use chat. TT+, same problem. Turntable Plus has fixed the issue, however, and the newest version of that can be downloaded at http://turntableplus.fm/downloads/Turntable_Plus_v0.0.29r1.crx

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An update for the Turntable.fm Playlist Manager extension for Chrome is out today. New features include stats (may have been in a previous version that I missed) and the ability to backup your playlists to Dropbox (since playlists are stored on the user’s local computer, this allows one’s playlist to be shared across multiple computers).

Link: Turntable.fm Playlist Manager

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Turntabler excels at providing most listener ability from anywhere in Chrome (that is, when you’re using other tabs and don’t want to jump back and forth to your turntable tab). I’m already finding it extremely useful when I’m working and just want ‘background music’. From any tab in Chrome, I can now Awesome, Lame, Mute/Unmute, or Add to Queue without leaving the current screen.

In conjunction with Turntable Extended, this extension makes it easy to spend hours working with turntable.fm in the background, allowing work/research/reading to be done without losing the core of the turntable.fm experience. Fantastic stuff!

Link (Chrome Web Store): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jnfflkklekdbjpfbmgcmfchcnlmfldkf#

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My favorite Chrome extension, and a vital addition when using turntable.fm.

Several updates since the .5 version, including:

  • XSPF export of room/song data
  • Ability to hide the tags tray
  • An All Songs item at the bottom of the list of tags and a red line to indicate if the song at the top of your queue will actually play next (when filtered by a tag)

Additional/earlier functionality:

Turntable.fm  Extended provides Chrome messages (appearing regardless of what window/tab you are viewing in Chrome) that can be configured to show:

  • Chat message
  • Song tagging
  • Song changes (showing album art, if available)
  • Voting
  • DJ changes
  • Listener changes
It also provides Last.fm scrobbling.
If you use this extension and want to see more features added to it, feel free to throw a few dollars to the author, here:

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Works most of the time, and when it doesn’t, it’s hilarious!


“TurntableTube puts the YouTube music video for the currently playing song in the empty black space to the left of the main turntable.fm content. The music video automatically changes when the song changes or when you change rooms.”

Link: TurntableTube on Chrome Web Store

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