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In addition to the new UI, new features (that I’ve come across include):

  • Favorites – Click the star in the upper left corner when in a room you wish to favorite/bookmark. To access favorites from lobby, click the Favorites link near the top of the screen.
  • DJs Needed – Click this link in the lobby to see a list of rooms with open turntables.
  • Sorting and Filtering – For All Rooms and DJs Needed lists, there are now options for sorting and filtering the list of rooms
Anything else new this week?

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I don’t have the exact details, but from piecing together what I’ve learned from a few reputable folks/superusers:

  • After each boot from a room, users will now be banned from re-joining the room for a period of time
    • First boot: no ban
    • Second boot: 5 minute ban
    • Third boot: 1 hour ban
    • Fourth boot: 1 day ban
  • Additionally, if you are booted from multiple rooms, you are banned for 1 day
  • If you receive multiple 1 day bans, you can be flagged for review, with a possible perma-ban from the site as a result of human review of your activities
Thanks to Mies van der Robot and DenkiGroove for the details!

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Now, Mods have the ability to remove someone from the decks without booting them from the room completely. The text that is shown when a mod performs this action is:

“[User’s Name] was kindly escorted off the stage by [Mod’s Name].”

A gentle way of getting someone who is AFK off the dais.

(Thanks, Mies, for showing us this)

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