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Rachelle (she of the excellent Turntable Community site) has this update on some of today’s problems when running tt.fm on Chrome, with TT extensions enabled.

Due to recent code updates, many extensions are no longer working. TTExtended, while functional, causes the user to be unable to use chat. TT+, same problem. Turntable Plus has fixed the issue, however, and the newest version of that can be downloaded at http://turntableplus.fm/downloads/Turntable_Plus_v0.0.29r1.crx


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Turntable.fm’s Twitter account has sent this message in the last hour:

“If you are on Chrome and you’ve been having trouble with your chat; we are working on it! In the mean time, try a different browser!”

AnythingLawle$$ has this as a fix (not sure if it’s related to Chrome chat issue – I haven’t been on tt.fm all day):


On 8-28-11 a change was made to turntable.fm, so your Chrome turntable.fm extended extension needs to be updated. Unfortunately, you can’t just choose to update.

To rectify the situation, follow these simple steps:

1. With the turntable window open, left-click on the Wrench Icon, located to the right of the web address text box. On the menu that opens, click “Tools”, then “Extensions.”

2. Choose the option to Uninstall turntable extended.

3. Go to the following link:


And choose the option to Add and install again.

4. Reload your turntable window.

5. Spin like a bad-mama-jama.

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