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Tonight, at 7pm EST, The Paley Center For Media presents, “GENERATOR: Turntable.fm Discussion and Demonstration” featuring a talk with Turntable.fm co-founders Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen. DJ Wooooo will also be there, giving a demonstration of Turntable.fm. This event is being live streamed on FORA.tv.

Link: GENERATOR: Turntable.fm Discussion and Demonstration


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Watching Billy and Seth interviewed on tt.fm while playing music on iphone : )

Apologies if I type any of these notes up with errors.

  • Last round of funding included Troy Carter (Lady Gaga’s manager), Questlove and The Roots
  • Streaming about one million songs a day
  • 600,000 people have become users since opening the doors
  • 40% of total users are active users
  • Before having to cut off international access for licensing reasons, ~30% of users were from Japan, ~10% from Brazil
  • Announcing, officially, the iPhone app, right now

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If you’re interested in learning about the responsibilities and permissions a turntable.fm superuser has, this interview is a perfect read. There are several interesting observations from Olga’s answers, but this one caught my eye above all others:

J: Wow, so turntable has definitely expanded your musical reach, I guess you could say.

O: Yes, it has, and as far as actual consumption of music, immediately after getting on, I’d say that my active listening for music has gone up six or seven hundred percent, and I’m suddenly buying albums. I’ve bought more albums since using turntable than I have in the last two or three years.

Link (via Geek.com, August 2, 2011): Interview: turntable.fm super user Olga Nunes talks about her time DJing

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Thanks to Clark Murray for sending this in…

Here is an example of how social media sites, alone or in combination, can enhance one’s life. A very pleasant reminder of how networks aren’t made to connect computers, they’re made to connect people.

Jason was in a genre-specific room on turntable.fm, tweeted about it, and was contacted by someone at the BBC. As he puts it…

This is the power of social media. I know lots of people who think of Twitter and Facebook as burdens, as being somehow “fake”, or as just plain stupid. But if you use these tools merely to enhance what you already do, in a way that is real and genuine, you can make connections that you never dreamed you’d be able to make. All I was doing was having fun, spinning records with my friends and checking out a new and interesting site. And it took me literally 10 seconds to tweet about it. In so doing, I got the attention of the BBC.

Link (via One Working Musician, July 12, 2011): You Never Know Who’s Listening (Or, How I Got Interviewed by the BBC)

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