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Nat and Alex Wolff, who appear to be in a kids show on Nickelodeon (where are my tween nieces when I need them to interpret this kind of information for me?) are going to be playing music in the Mashable room on turntable.fm in a few minutes.


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I haven’t checked it out myself (too busy playing Felt in the 80s Indie Post-Punk and more room), but apparently humans from the Human League are DJ’ing in the Mashable Summer Fridays room right now.

Link: Summer Fridays on Turntable.fm

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And, that’s my last attempt at ever using “cool, street slang”. If you’re interested in the mashable.com crowd, get on over to http://turntable.fm/summer_fridays, where the following will be mouse-clicking the tunes up:

“There’s hip-hop musician Max Burgandy, a recent star of Mashable‘sMusic Monday series. We’ve also got Eric Eisler from scrappy four-piece The Dig, and all-star singer-songwriter Anna Rose.”

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This looks pretty damn cool. An online and real-world DJ battle/party between folks in NYC and Seattle. It’s like UTFO vs. Roxanne Shante all over again! Well, maybe not.

“Seattle DJ ‘s will do battle against NYC DJ ‘s for turntable.fm supremacy, with an accompanying Dance Party physically and virtually both in Seattle and NYC. The fun begins at 8pm and will go to 1am the next morning in their own respective timezones. They will time shift the battle, so NYC will start at 9PM EDT and go ahead and Seattle will begin at 9PM PDT. After the event the winners will be posted on the Turntable Battle leader board.”

Link to Turntable Battle site.

Link (via Business Insider, July 26, 2011): Seattle vs NYC DJ Battle And Dance Party on Turntable.fm This Thursday Night 9pm

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Mashable interviews ten of the “top” Turntable.fm DJs. I’m guessing their selection is based on user’s with the most tt.fm followers.

Interviewees include:

  • DJ Wooooo
  • Chris (bonus points for Whodini mention!)
  • Alex Mizell
  • Masque
  • Vuther
  • SoSimpull
  • Neil Gaiman

Link (via Mashable, July 24, 2011): Meet Some of Turntable.fm’s Top DJs

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A Mashable-oriented group is spinning on Turntable.fm right now.

“We’ve had a few Friday jam sessions thus far — courtesy of the MuseBox and their bands — and today we continue that tradition with singer-songerwriters Ian AxelAndrew Belle, and Laura Warshauer on the decks with Mashable staff.”

Link (via Mashable, July 22, 2011): Listen & Spin in the Mashable Turntable.fm Room With Up-and-Coming Singer-Songwriters

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“Wednesday, New York-based chamber-pop band Ra Ra Riot will host its own room, where bassist Mathieu Santos will premiere his upcoming solo album, Massachusetts 2010.”

I believe Ellie Goulding is DJ’ing in the room right now.

Link (to the Room): http://turntable.fm/ra_ra_riot

Link (via mashable.com): Ra Ra Riot’s Mathieu Santos Premieres His Solo Album on Turntable.fm

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