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Significant because it’s the New York Times, but also because Sam Grobart does an excellent job in capturing how it feels to use turntable.fm for the first couple of days. The mind-blowing realization of what has just been discovered… and is free to use!

“Turntable.fm reveals another advantage music has: You can listen to it while you’re doing something else. Other forms of online interaction (chat sessions, video chat, gaming) require your full attention. And that’s great — if you have that attention to give. But if you’re D.J.-ing on Turntable.fm, you can stock your list with as many songs as you want and the site will play the next one when your turn comes up. Then you can go back to working, hanging out or doing whatever it may be while you are listening not just to your music, but your friends’ music as well.”

Link (via New York Times, July 20, 2011): Spotify Is Great, but Turntable.fm Is Amazing


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A New York Times article that focuses on the basics, but does contain this interesting new (to me, at least) bit of information:

“But Mr. Van Buskirk said Turntable.fm already earned a small commission from songs purchased through the site. He said the site would find plenty of ways to work with the record labels and generate revenue. “It’s not hard to imagine listening to music in a room sponsored by a big company like Sprite,” he said.”

Link (via New York Times): Music Site Lets Users Play D.J. to Virtual, and Discerning, Crowds

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