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Thursday, September 29, LiveTurntable.fm is putting on another real-life Turntable.fm party in New York City. Kap Slap, DJ Aylen and others will be guest DJ’ing.

Save $8 on admission by buying tix in advance (aka, today), or go “large stylee” (look at me, i’m kewl! i’m “down with the kids”!) w/ a ticket and event-specific T-shirt.

Link: NYC turntable.fm In Real Life Dance Party Tomorrow


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is happening on September 29, but to ensure you can get in (and, to get a unique T-Shirt for the event), get your tix now!

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Looking to meet up with other turntable.fm fans/users? Meetup groups have started for folks in NYC, LA, and several other cities, to chat and plan meetups and DJ parties. Via the turntablebattle.com folks. To find a meetup group for your city, check out “Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Austin, LA and SF turntable.fm Meetup Groups Now Open!

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Last Thursday’s Turntable.fm Party is recapped here, with photos available here.

My favorite photo – the one that shows what I must be wearing by summer’s end!



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