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This Q&A on Quora provides a succinct description of turntable.fm, from a social marketing perspective. Ryan Hoover’s answer is clear, economical, and full of specific examples that explain turntable.fm’s early success in gaining adopters.

Ryan’s format is easy to digest, as well. Answers on online bulletin board-like sites rarely read as clear as PowerPoint, but here is a case where it does. For instance:

“3) Social Call to Action

  • Click “Awesome”/”Lame” – Naturally you want to express your love for songs you enjoy by bobbing your head and skip awful songs chosen by DJ’s with no taste.
  • Chat – Conversation are usually fun and contextual to the music being played.  It’s hard not to engage.
  • DJ – The most fun part of Turntable is publicly displaying your superior music tastes to share with friends and strangers.

Examples from other services: Tweet or DM a friend on Twitter.  Unlock a new gift to give to a friend in Farmville.  Request an endorsement on LinkedIn.”

The answers from Adrian and Ash also contain thoughtful insight.


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