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This article refers to recent Google and AppData numbers to point out Turntable.fm’s recent reduction in daily use. It’s understandable as the overwhelming majority of potential users (the Rest of the World) are still unable to use the site, and the service is still in a beta phase, limiting use to people with Facebook accounts. Increasing stability, making the system scalable, and starting a marketing campaign will kick off a massive increase in daily average users.

Another possible cause for concern: one of the sources for those higher figures, AppData, claims that Turntable.fm’s users have actually been declining since mid-July, while the Google Trends analytics service reveals searches for Turntable.fm by US internet users have halved since late June.

Link (via Music Ally, August 15, 2011): comScore suggests Turntable.fm attracted 207k unique users in July


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From Appdata, the latest data for Turntable.fm is showing interesting usage patterns.

  • On June 23, 2011, average monthly users was at ~155k
  • As of July 22, 2011, average monthly users was up to ~420k
  • Oddly enough, the June 25 change that blocked most the world from accessing turntable.fm seemed to have little effect on overall usage #s (the opportunity lost, however…)
  • Another strange observation – Sundays appear to consistently be the busiest days of the work for turntable.fm usage (in terms of Daily Active Users), while Wednesdays are the least busiest – I guess that shoots down the idea that people are only using turntable.fm at work
  • Over the last month, Daily Active Users has been range bound between 20,000 and 50,000
  • However, the # of DAU has not dipped under 26,000 since July 6
  • Finally, the Daily Average Users as a % of Monthly Average Users HAS been dropping, consistently, over the last 30 days – ending June at around 20% and currently (July 22, 2011) at around 10%

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