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If you want to use your Turntable.fm avatar as your Facebook profile picture, there are options:

*Click your avatar in Turntable, and on the profile screen that appears, right-click your avatar and save to your computer OR

*Take a screen capture/grab when your avatar is on screen (in the crowd, on your profile screen, or, as I did below, when you’re playing music)

*Edit the picture however necessary (cropping, if you took a screen capture, for example) – the important part of this step is to make sure the width of the pic is 180 pixels or more as this is the minimum for FB profile pics

*Finally, make the image your FB profile pic and wait for the accolades to come pouring in


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The first IRC-like command I’ve learned of is a very useful one in certain rooms.

To ignore a user’s chat messages (not their songs though), use “/ignore [username]”.

And (this one should be easy to predict), to unignore the user, use “/unignore [username]”.

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It’s now possible to hear a song someone else is playing, love it, and quickly add it to your queue (without relying on search to be working at that moment).

Adding other's songs to your queue

Mouseover the song title as it’s playing, and on the left you’ll see a button for ‘Turntable Queue’. Click this and the song will be added (at the bottom) of your queue.

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While there is no ‘favorite’ type functionality within the application, I’ve found it easy enough to bookmark (in the browser) each room I like, storing the bookmarks in a “Turntable.fm” folder on my bookmarks bar. You may want to edit the title as you’re bookmarking to make it easy to remember what goes on in each room.

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