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UPDATE: I thought Diplo was the second verified user, but Mike just informed me that Ooah (Glitch Mob) may have been second and Diplo is the third. Diplo’s avatar looks to be up on ttDashboard now, as well.

Sounds like Diplo is the third user to be verified (with custom avatar) on Turntable.fm. I just peeked in and didn’t see him in a room, so no visuals at this time.


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To see who it is, follow the link to Betabeat, below. Although, any heavy turntable.fm user will probably be able to guess who it is.

I love the idea of verified artists, as it provides Twitter-like verification of a person who is likely to draw in large crowds/#s of followers. Another clever feature of the verified artist designation is the custom avatar. This first one is quite distinct from other tt.fm avatars and provides a great precedent for future verified artists.

Link (via Betabeat, August 10, 2011): Turntable.fm’s First Verified Artist

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